GreenBoost: Clean Up Your Browser, Block Ads Everywhere On The Web

That’s the easiest and quickest free Chrome extension I have ever used. It is commented by my friend Rock and I wanna introduce to you now. It is really helpful for removing all ads from the web, cleaning up the extra cache to boost the browser, and showing how much CPU and RAM we are using.

There is the detail information.


Clean up your browser and improve the speed of page:
What’s the most annoying thing for us using the browse? That must be the lower and lower speed. Our browser has bigger and bigger storage during use. That plug-in could use your browser’s hard drive as a client-side storage to store any data type and track your activity across the web.

It could clean:
✓ Instant removal with one-click
✓ Clear download history
✓ Empty the cache
✓ Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data
✓ Clear saved passwords
✓ Clear saved form data
✓ Ability to choose time period
✓ Monitoring system for computer’s CPU and RAM usage
✓ Track and get notified of your CPU and RAM usage while browsing.

Block all web advertising
Ads from all kinds of page not only disturb the user experience but also let the dangerous get access to your private data stored within your web browser’s storage and use it for fraudulent or malicious purposes. While there may exist some ads you don’t want to miss such as some Facebook ads, the GreenBoost could help you to solve the problem perfect.

It could adblock:
✓ Remove Virus Ads, Unwanted Ads, Pop-ups Ads
✓ Remove Hijacked, malicious, & annoying Ads
✓ Remove Video Ads, banner Ads, & native Ads
✓ Remove Gambling ads, cigarette ads, adult Ads, & sensitive ads
✓ Remove NOT-ONLY Ads from Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Amazon.

Faster and more efficient than AdBlock Plus.

✓ Shrink or close tabs that you don’t use, you can save 95% of Memory
✓ When you need to access these tabs again, you can restore them individually.

Here you can find useful tips and tricks on how to speed up your browse page, increase your computer’s security and protect your private data. How to make browsing, chatting, banking and shopping online a bit safe and secure experience for you. How to clean your browse system and make your chrome run faster. It is totally for free and is used by a large of unique business and home users in the world today.

Guess what? You can enjoy the amazing experience at the following interlinkage.

Do not wait anymore, try it 🙂