How To Spy Your Wish Competitor’s Facebook Ads Strategy

You want to learn how your competitors advertising on Facebook Audience Network or Who are the hottest publishers on Facebook?

We could find some top sellers by seller backstage of Wish, while it is hard to know how they do their advertising and the effect.

Now I recommend a data service  named SocialPeta, which could spy almost all ads information published by sellers of online-shopping platform such as Wish, AliExpress, etc.

First of all, you should have an account and login, which is too easy that I can skip this part.



Select the first seller, “Village Pigeon”, and let’s see how SocialPeta tell us.



That’s amazing, cool, right? It is easy to see lots of campaigns Village Pigeon launched on Facebook, the delivery time and predicted effect (like CPS?) are demonstrated in the same page as well.

Those are really astounding!



The same to AliExpress.

I guess smart as you must have master the key step, right?

You can try at

Never wait a second anymore.

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